{:en}Paris became the most attractive city in Europe for investment in real estate in 2020

{:en}Catarina Belova / Shutterstock The experts identified European cities that will attract the most investment in real estate in 2020. This was reported in a study conducted by the consulting company PwC and the Urban Land Institute. Analysts PwC and the Urban Land Institute polled 905 respondents from 22 European countries. Among them were investors in real estate, investment funds, real estate agencies and banks. According to the survey, the respondents still strongly believe in real estate as an attractive class of investment, despite political and economic difficulties. The decision of Central banks to maintain or lower interest rates was one of the factors supporting the overall level of optimism. According to most respondents, such a monetary policy has increased the attractiveness of real estate relative to bonds and shares. In the ranking of most attractive European cities for real estate investment won Paris. Last year’s leader in Lisbon at this time was after ten. London is rapidly broke into the top 5 this year, although last year was not included even in the top twenty. Barcelona is also significantly Подробнее

{:en}The French Alpine resort of Megeve attracts investors

{:en}Sam Bark / unsplash While chalets in many Alpine resorts are getting more expensive, real estate prices in ski megève remains at the same level, writes The New York Times. The average cost chetyrehspalnyh Chalet in Megeve — 13 700 euros for «square». Chalet with four bedrooms in the popular resorts in the French and Swiss Alps, such as Val d’isere and Chamonix, rose by more than 2.5% from June 2018 to June 2019. The prices in Megeve remained at the same level, says Roddy ARIS, a partner at Knight Frank. This is because Chamonix and eight resorts in Les 3 Vallées are still ahead of Megeve investments, says ARIS. Also plays a role that the ski season in Megeve is one of the most short — about 18 weeks. According to a report by Knight Frank, a Chalet with four bedrooms in the centre of Megève is 13 700 euros per square meter. In Mont d’arbois, one of the most exclusive areas, prices reach 20 — 25 thousand Euro per square meter. New apartments in the centre of the Подробнее

{:en}CBRE: investment in hotel business of Italy and France has increased significantly

{:en}StevanZZ / Shutterstock However, the total investment in the European hotel real estate dropped by 6.7% yoy and amounted to 23.3 billion Euro in the third quarter of 2019, says the latest report by CBRE. «Despite the overall decline in investment in European hospitality sector, investors’ interest remains high, especially in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. A smaller number of large transactions contributed to the reduction in investments. However, we are seeing increased interest in resort markets, they are attractive to conservative investors», — said Paul Kapiris, Director of international investment in hotel real estate CBRE. The UK remains Europe’s largest hotel market. It accounted for 27 % of investments in the European region for the year. However, the investment volume decreased by 12.1% to 6.2 billion euros. Accor’s HotelInvest has acquired the Novotel and Ibis Blackfriars in London. However, experts noted that more large deals in the UK over the past year was not. Germany regained the second place on investments in the hotel sector. However, the volume of deals decreased by 18.2% to 3.4 billion euros. In the Подробнее

{:en}The top 10 countries, where Russians looking for foreign real estate

{:en} In some countries, the Russians are looking for a property abroad? Tranio analysts have analyzed the statistics of search queries in «Yandex» on residential real estate in different countries for the period from II quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018, to find out which ten countries are the most popular among Russian-speaking users of the service. 10. Poland Poland closes the top ten most popular among users of «Yandex» for the purchase of real estate abroad: from mid-2016 to the first quarter of 2018, the search engine handled nearly 220 thousand of the relevant queries. If in 2016 the Polish real estate of interest to the Russians much more than the Czech or the French, in the first half of 2017 the interest in it dropped significantly. Although in recent years he began to recover, the number of queries processed by Yandex in the first quarter of 2018, 30% less than for the same period in 2017 is the only country in 2018 decreased. According to consulting company Ernst & Young, Poland’s real estate market is Подробнее

{:en}Property in Austrian Alps — a promising area for investment

{:en} Alps is the world’s largest market of ski tourism. According to estimates Laurent Wanat, founder of Swiss consulting company Laurent Vanat Consulting SARL, for the region in 2017 had 150 million visits — that’s 43% of all visits to winter resorts in the world. Alpine Chalet and apartment with mountain views is not only a luxury but also a profitable investment if their owners are willing to rent property to rent to tourists. There is a special type of objects — the real tourist destination is an apartment with hotel services, rental of which organize professional operators. The owner of such property can take the object out permanently or several months a year. There are two control schemes for such objects: Rental pool — the fee of the management company (about 30 %) is deducted from the amount of income from the lease of the residential complex, and the profit is divided between the owners in proportion to their participation. Guarantee of lease — the management company rents apartments from the investor for a limited period. In this case, Подробнее

{:en}That offer foreign real estate funds

{:en} The survey, conducted by Tranio in 2017, have shown that the majority of realtors (81 %) believe that Russian investors rarely put money into real estate funds. Soon, however, this method of investment may become more popular. «According to our forecasts, in the years 2017-2018 will be the Russians to learn more about real estate funds, and will gradually move in this direction. It is often more convenient format than an independent purchase and subsequent management of the facility,»— says the managing partner Tranio Georgy Kachmazov. In this article we will explain how using funds to invest in projects related to the construction and operation of real property. Real estate funds work on the scheme: the Fund appoints a management company (Fund managers); investors invest in the Fund; the money managers of the Fund to acquire the real estate; Fund managers will generate and send the profit to the Fund; part of the profits distributed among investors: they earn on that in proportion to their share in the Fund receive a share of the rental income or resale. The Подробнее

{:en}Trends in commercial real estate markets of Europe and the United States: prices, yields and prospects

{:en} According to JLL, the first half of 2016 in the global commercial real estate invested about € 260 billion, which is 10 % less than in the first half of 2015. This is largely due to the decline in activity in the two major markets of the world — the us, where investments in us dollars decreased by 16% due to stronger currency in the UK (-28 %), which was dominated by the uncertainty in connection with the «Broksita». Consider the profitable real estate markets of seven countries: Austria, UK Germany Spain USA, France In the Czech Republic. Austria Investments. In the first half of 2016 in commercial real estate Austria has invested 1.5 billion euros, which is 8.5 times more than in the same period of 2015. This is because in the first six months of the year was concluded several significant transactions, including a sale of the IZD tower for 270 million euros. On the Austrian market is dominated by investors from Germany. Offices. Offices accounted for 54 % of investments in the first six months of Подробнее

{:en}Where Muscovites buy foreign real estate: the top 10 countries and cities

{:en} International real estate broker Tranio figured out which countries and cities are most interesting to buyers from Moscow planning to purchase a second home and compare the preferences of the residents of the capital and regions in the period from June 2015 to may 2016. The most popular countries The analysis of Internet user queries Moscow showed that potential buyers from the capital are most interested in property in Spain, USA, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey.   The Muscovites The residents other regions of Russia 1 Spain USA 2 USA Spain 3 Bulgaria Bulgaria 4 Italy Greece 5 Turkey Thailand 6 Germany Turkey 7 Greece Germany 8 France Czech Republic 9 Montenegro Italy 10 Cyprus Montenegro This search queries the Metropolitan buyers are different from queries people from other regions of Russia, owing to several circumstances: Muscovites are increasingly looking for housing in expensive countries. For example, the top 10 requests of the residents of the regions did not get popular among Muscovites France, and Italy is only on the 9-th row (for comparison, the Muscovites — on the 4th). Подробнее

{:en}Why it is profitable to invest in student housing Europe

{:en} The main problem of the Russian speaking investors — finding the optimal (from the point of view of risk and return) of the object for investment. Nonresidential real estate commercial real estate usually not available to ordinary investors because of its high cost, so most of customers buy housing for rental. Apartments for sale and renting for long term rent has obvious advantages — first and foremost is the ease to manage, but there are also disadvantages, such as relatively low yield (about 3 %) and problems with eviction of tenants if necessary. Minimum, from the point of view of losses, the way for investment — student accommodation, a kind of «Golden mean» of the real estate market. A good option from the point of view of the balance of risk/return. The truth is, only 5 % of Russian-speaking investors considering investments in this type of property, while abroad it has long been considered one of the most profitable and promising. What’s the benefit From 2012, foreign investors invested annually in the student apartments for at least $6 billion Подробнее

{:en}How to choose the strategy of investing in overseas property

{:en} Many investors who invest in overseas property, seeking high returns. However, not everyone understands that a large initial yield means high risks, that is, the probability of lower income in the long term. We recommend customers to evaluate the risks and strategy of investing with an optimal balance of reliability, profitability, labor and other factors of efficiency of investments. Most customers Tranio simple suitable rental business in a stable location with long term lease contract and management through the management company. In this article, we’ll look at how to provide the best yield with this strategy. Why is a simple rental business The typical investors who use the services Tranio successful entrepreneurs from Russia, Brazil, Iran or China. Usually at home they have an active business that brings the main income. From foreign real estate they prefer to receive passive income with minimal involvement in management. It is an investment not only for profit, but to preserve capital and protect it from political and economic risks of his country. Most customers do not plan to sell their rental property Подробнее