In some countries, the Russians are looking for a property abroad? Tranio analysts have analyzed the statistics of search queries in «Yandex» on residential real estate in different countries for the period from II quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018, to find out which ten countries are the most popular among Russian-speaking users of the service.

10. Poland

Poland closes the top ten most popular among users of «Yandex» for the purchase of real estate abroad: from mid-2016 to the first quarter of 2018, the search engine handled nearly 220 thousand of the relevant queries. If in 2016 the Polish real estate of interest to the Russians much more than the Czech or the French, in the first half of 2017 the interest in it dropped significantly. Although in recent years he began to recover, the number of queries processed by Yandex in the first quarter of 2018, 30% less than for the same period in 2017 is the only country in 2018 decreased.

According to consulting company Ernst & Young, Poland’s real estate market is growing: for example, in 2017, was built a record 90 thousand units of new housing. Prices in major cities grow: in 2017, a square meter in the Tricity has risen by 15 %, Lodz — 8.5 %, in Warsaw — 8.4 %. Demand outstrips supply — this, coupled with the rising costs of construction, stimulates the growth of prices.

9. France

Over the past two years, Yandex has processed 240 million queries to search for apartments and houses in France. Interest in the property in France began to grow rapidly in the second quarter of 2017: last year the number of requests increased by 60 % — a record growth rate among the countries examined.

According to Elena Chernysheva, Manager Tranio for the sale of residential property in France and Italy, most Russians are looking for in France house or apartment for a summer holiday or a longer stay, up to six months of the year. «The most popular regions of the Cote d’azur, the Alps, many interesting properties in Paris. Among buyers there are those who buy property for renting to tourists. Such investors usually choose large cities, where there is no seasonality of the business: nice or Paris,» says Elena Chernysheva. In her experience, the budget of those who buy apartments for holiday or rental, limited in the range of 500 thousand euros, and the buyers of luxury apartments and villas provide for the purchase from 1.5 to 5 million euros.

8. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was slightly more popular among Russian users of «Yandex» than France: from mid-2016 until the first third of 2018, the search engine has processed 253 million search queries relating to residential property in this country. Interest in the Czech Republic is growing steadily: in the last two years the number of requests has increased 2.5 times.

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As Tranio says the Manager of real estate in the Czech Republic Inna Opaluch, the Czech real estate is expensive because of cheap mortgages and a lack of offerings on the market. «Real estate in Prague for the last three years, increasing in price by 5-7% per year, as developers are very difficult to obtain a construction permit, it takes a few years,» she explains. Therefore, according to her, many Russians prefer to buy real estate under construction: these apartments are about 20% cheaper. The majority of Russians who buy property in the Czech Republic, or send to study at Czech universities children or planning to move there themselves. The most popular among Russian buyers of the city — Prague, Karlovy vary and Marianske Lazne.

7. Finland

For two years, Yandex has processed 288 thousand queries to find real estate in Finland. Its popularity is growing in leaps and bounds, but in General the number of queries to the end of the first quarter of 2018 compared to the middle of 2016 has almost doubled.

An increasing number of Russian tourists in Finland in 2017 their number compared to the 2016 rose 9 %, while the number of nights spent by Russians in Finland — 37 %. At the same time, according to the Central Bank of Russia, remittances from Russia to Finland between 2015 and 2017 decreased by 14 %.

6. Greece

Interest in residential property in Greece began to grow about a year ago: if in the IV quarter of 2016 «Yandex» has processed a total of 28 million search requests in the first three months of 2018 — almost two times more. In just two years the Russians were interested in buying property in Greece 313 thousand times.

One of the main incentives of buying property in Greece for the Russians — the «Golden visa» for which the foreign investor who buys one or more projects with a total value of 250 thousand euros, can obtain a Greek residence permit. According to the official Agency of Greece Enterprise Greece, this opportunity since the launch of the program until the end of 2017 have used about 400 investors from Russia. This is one of the cheapest programs of the «Golden visa» in Europe, and in light of recent news about the restoration of the Greek economy and the rapid development of tourism, buying property in Greece seems to many foreign customers, a profitable investment. Thus, according to the Bank of Greece, the total value of transactions that foreigners made in the Greek real estate market in 2017, 87 % more than in 2016.

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5. Montenegro

The interest of Russians to residential real estate in Montenegro in the last two years remains high. During the period from mid-2016 and first quarter 2017 the Russians were looking for information about real estate in Montenegro in «Yandex» 336 thousand times.

It is possible to distinguish two types of Russian buyers of real estate in Montenegro: those who buy a house there to stay, and those who are planning to hand over the acquired entity to rent to tourists. It tells Svetlana Larionova, Manager Tranio real estate in Montenegro, most Russians are interested in real estate in Budva and bar Riviera, at least — on the Bay of Kotor. «The budget of the majority of Russian buyers starts from 100 thousand euros,» — says Svetlana Larionova.

4. Italy

Russians are interested in buying residential real estate in Italy is becoming more and more over the last two years the number of requests increased by 60 % and amounted to 520 thousand is Also Italy is among the ten countries in the volume of cross-border transfers of individuals from Russia: according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in the period from 2015 to 2017 from Russia to Italy was transferred to 900 million dollars.

In most cases, the Russians are buying in Italy «cottage by the sea». This explains the popularity of the resort regions. «Most Russian buyers are interested in Tuscany, Umbria, lake Como and Garda, while many also consider Rome and Milan,» says Elena Chernysheva from Tranio. According to her, the budget of the Russian buyers rarely goes beyond 2.5 million euros.

3. Germany

Germany is slightly ahead of Italy by number of requests over the two years: from mid-2016 to the first quarter of 2018, the Russians were looking for information about real estate in Germany 530 thousand times. Interest in it continues to grow despite high prices and competition for interesting offers in the market. Germany avoids Italy in the volume of remittances by individuals: from 2015 to 2017 from Russia to Germany was transferred 1.2 billion dollars.

One of the major incentives for growth of the German real estate market, cheap mortgages at the rate of 1.5–2 %. Cheap loans to spur demand for property, and then by the cost per square meter. According to Deutsche Bank, from 2009 to 2017 property prices in major German cities increased by 80 %, small — 60 %. In this regard, Sophia Bulanova, consultant Tranio investment, said growing medium and large cities in Eastern Germany are more promising for those who are planning to rent the purchased property for rent or want to resell it in the long run. «Relatively low prices of local real estate will provide a higher rental yield, and continued growth in the economy will allow to re-sell the property at a profit within 7-8 years,» explains Sophia Bulanova.

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2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has topped the list of requests of Russians looking for foreign real estate in 2016, but lost the leading place in 2017. For two years the Russians were looking for information on real estate in Bulgaria 980 thousand times. Interest remains high, slightly descending at the end of each year and returning the position in the first quarter.

Bulgaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Russians: in 2017, they made more than 500 thousand visits to this country. As reports the edition Bulgarian Residency, citing the words of the Minister of tourism of Bulgaria Nikolina Angelkova, more than 400 thousand Russian citizens own property in Bulgaria. At the same time, as writes the edition, according to official statistics, this number is much lower: only 74 thousand people. Anyway, the growth of the Bulgarian real estate market on the coast is largely due to the interest of buyers from Russia.

1. Spain

Spain is the most popular in the Russian-speaking overseas property buyers: for two years, Yandex has processed the queries related to the search of residential property in Spain, more than 1 million times.

The Russians find Spain attractive for several reasons: reasonable price, sea, accessibility, ability to provide a quality education for their children. Spanish banks give mortgages to foreigners for property purchase, and acquired, the object can be leased. «One of the most popular locations in Tenerife, which is chosen due to the fact that the season here lasts all year round. If we talk about goals, in the province of Alicante buying real estate those who want to relax there myself and pass the object to the rest of the time. Costa del Sol suitable to the Russians, who plan to move in the future. Valencia and Catalonia chosen by parents who want to give to local schools for their children,» says Anna Barsukova, Manager Tranio real estate in Spain. The budget of the Russian buyers varies from 80 thousand to several million Euro: up to 350 thousand euros for apartments in Alicante, Tenerife — 200 thousand apartments and 1 million on the Villa, from 200 thousand euros for apartments on the Costa del Sol.

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