International real estate broker Tranio figured out which countries and cities are most interesting to buyers from Moscow planning to purchase a second home and compare the preferences of the residents of the capital and regions in the period from June 2015 to may 2016.

The most popular countries

The analysis of Internet user queries Moscow showed that potential buyers from the capital are most interested in property in Spain, USA, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey.

  The Muscovites The residents
other regions of Russia
1 Spain USA
2 USA Spain
3 Bulgaria Bulgaria
4 Italy Greece
5 Turkey Thailand
6 Germany Turkey
7 Greece Germany
8 France Czech Republic
9 Montenegro Italy
10 Cyprus Montenegro

This search queries the Metropolitan buyers are different from queries people from other regions of Russia, owing to several circumstances:

  • Muscovites are increasingly looking for housing in expensive countries. For example, the top 10 requests of the residents of the regions did not get popular among Muscovites France, and Italy is only on the 9-th row (for comparison, the Muscovites — on the 4th). Statistics Google AdWords shows that requests for property in these and other countries traditionally considered to be expensive (UK, Switzerland), coming from Moscow on the average on 50 % more than from the regions. This is because, according to Rosstat, the income of residents of the capital is twice higher than in Russia on average.
  • The geographical factor. Due to geographical situation some markets are less popular in Moscow than in other Russian regions. For example, residents of Primorsky Krai are interested in property in Thailand are three times more likely than Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents are twice as likely looking for information about homes and apartments in Finland.
  • Cultural differences. The choice of countries and cities for a second home is affected by many factors, and cultural characteristics are not in last place. So, inhabitants of Tatarstan, where a large proportion of the population is Muslim, 70 % most of the Muscovites interested in real estate in Turkey (Istanbul).
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The most popular cities

The most popular among the Moscow overseas property buyers in the city — Miami, new York, Dubai, Barcelona and London. In all cities the top five, in addition to Barcelona, housing is more expensive, than in Moscow, where, according to the site Numbeo.com, a square meter costs an average of $ 4 400. Foreign real estate much more expensive for the Russians after the devaluation of the ruble 2014-2015.

  The city The cost of housing
in the Central regions,
1 Miami 5 175
2 New York 14 721
3 Dubai 4 619
4 Barcelona 4 121
5 London 22 434
6 Los Angeles 6 141
7 Prague 3 320
8 Tenerife 2 010
9 Berlin 3 987
10 Burgas 939
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Muscovites demand even the most expensive of the city. So, in the Central districts of new York and London the average cost of housing exceeds 10 thousand dollars./m2.

According to forecasts Tranio, in 2016-2017, the greatest demand among Muscovites and residents of the regions will use the real Spain, USA and Germany. It is these markets that will provide customers the best protection against the risks of the Russian economy and help to preserve capital.

Darya Berezina, Julia Kozhevnikova, Tranio